About The Farm

We are a small, intensively-managed vegetable farm in our fifth year of production.  We currently farm on just one quarter of an acre!  The farm is along the Broad Brook in Guilford, and we’re conveniently located “up the road” from our house on the corner of Weatherhead Hollow Road and Guilford Center Road.

We’re committed to farming organically and sustainably.  Although we are not certified organic, we strive to grow “beyond organic,” meaning that we are seeking long-term soil health in our use of organic fertilizers and we limit our use of organic pesticides as much as possible.   Most importantly, we also wish to increase the biodiversity of our farm rather than eliminate it.  Not only do we increase biodiversity with our multitude of vegetable varieties, but we also care about the life living under our plants and on our plants.  We only use pesticides when it’s absolutely necessary, and we have a goal of completely eliminating all pesticide use.  We would prefer to grow strong plants in good soils that can resist pests and disease without the use organic pesticides.

The most important aspect of increasing biodiversity is through our soils.  We care deeply about our soil health, and we fertilize with good compost, animal manures, and other natural products such as lime, greensand, and bone char.  We are also working towards a no-tillage system to minimize erosion, the need for irrigation, and increase the health of our soil biology.  We currently minimally till with a walk-behind rototiller and a human-powered broadfork.